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? >> i cannot believe that we have the president of the united states of america in grand junction, colorado. [applause] we are so proud of you. >> thank you. >> i am a naturalized citizen, and i am proud to be an american. [applause] as a child, i had polio, and i have had 52 surgeries to correct
at markets where there is little talk, air america or other avenues of talk and these stations are often times read it 28, 29, 30, 34th in the marketplace, you can't exist that way. that really drives little snots. they can't admit their ideas failed in the free market place therefore what do they do? they run to daddy, the government -- >> host: daddy, very big daddy. >> guest: very baghdad, and they want -- well, give laissez-faire -- they can't believe that in all diverse america that our point of view doesn't work. we don't accept that. that's even contained in the capper report, center for american progress, again, headed by john podesta. stated in that report. welcome the fact the matter is the free market place where ideas germinate and succeed or fail. and we have to value that. >> host: if the liberal point of view doesn't succeed in talk radio that is just one medium, and that is what they are focused on because it fails there however the left has csn come msnbc, "washington post," "new york times," "boston globe," pretty much every newspaper with the exception of very few in a
, in solidarity with his hometown. >> i believe it would have an enormous impact upon america. in other words, you are telling the taxpayer that everybody is suffering and you're suffering. >> reporter: chicago's not the only american city that's forcing furlough days upon its workers. in fact, some local and state governments are incorporating them on a regular basis, desperate to cut budgets anywhere they can. michigan wants to save nearly $22 million through six unpaid days. in colorado, furlough days may be accompanied by pay cuts as well. but nothing compares to california, where more than 90% of state workers will be off on the first and third friday of each month until june of 2010. >> it's a much better alternative than people being laid off. >> reporter: despite the sacrifices by city workers, chicago will still be $300 million short of what it needs to fund next year's budget. diana alvear, abc news, chicago. >>> today, an american man who was in prison in one of the most reclusive and repressive countries on earth was set free after a visiting u.s. senator won his release. this man's fr
some information on the czars an statements that should horrify america and connections to some other people and to the white house and what it means for your healthcare in the future, particularly if you are elderly, handicapped or have a very young child. if you believe this country is great but that government healthcare is taking us in directions we promised ourselves we would never go down again, stand up. come, follow me. hello, america. tonight i ask you to stay with the program. this is not a sound byte program tonight, although it will be taken out of context and it will be used and it will be called fear mongering. what i call this is question with boldness. questions that need answers. we must have answers. i am only following the directions of the president of the united states. he told us how to find out what he really believes and that's exactly what we're going to do. in a couple of minutes, we're going to talk about healthcare, the views of obama's czars and his close advisors and why it's important to look there. it's important to know where they stand, but first, i w
specific ideas. sean: we will all just have to wait and see. america. >>> live and at large and laughing through our tears and our peers. >> these are troubled times. we need to hear them. some one unincumbered by politics as usual. someone who could kill a moose with one hand and skin a bear with the other. someone without a job. >> sarah palin weighing in on the healthcare reform conversation. >> yes! like a ship slowly appears over the horizon to an island of castaways. sarah palin has arrived with fresh new clothing and that little box she keeps next to her bed filled with crazy. >> the america i know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with down syndrome would have to stand in front of obama death panel so the bureaucrats can decide if it's worthy of healthcare. a system is downright evil. >> geraldo: you're speaking out to the plan to kill the baby. >> geraldo: the late night comics are having a ball with the healthcare debate. which is driven some say by my colleagues in cable news. >> wanted to get up right now and go to the window. open it and stick y
with crazy. >> the america i know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with down syndrome would have to stand in front of obama death panel so the bureaucrats can decide if it's worthy of healthcare. a system is downright evil. >> geraldo: you're speaking out to the plan to kill the baby. >> geraldo: the late night comics are having a ball with the healthcare debate. which is driven some say by my colleagues in cable news. >> wanted to get up right now and go to the window. open it and stick your head out and yell, "i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore!" >> my name is randy from montana. that i believe our constitution and it's a very important thing. i also get my news from the cable networks, because i don't like the spin that comes from the other places. >> you have to be careful about the cable networks, though. okay. go ahead. go on with the question. >> geraldo: as people vent, washington squirms, and town hall meetings erupt in impassioned debate. this is a fox news alert. >> the notion that somehow i ran for public office or member of congress are in
paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. i love that music. it's sunday, august 16th. >>> other news this morning, president obama wrapping up his trio of town halls. hoping to turn the tide in the health care debate. we have a report -- a reporter traveling with the president and also talking with jake tapper. who's hosti ining "this week." >> also, a fascinating look inside the health insurance industry. this is probably the most high-profiled whistle blower. somebody who had a real convergent moment. when she saw people lined up in the rain for health care. he's got the playbook of the big insurance company. he's spilling it out. >> also, the latest on the heart-wrenching story of an 8-year-old american boy abducted by his own mother, stuck in an italian orphanage. while father tries desperately to get him back here. >>> and also, this sounds kind of ridiculous, dogs teaching kids how to read. but it's a very successful program. highly trained teachers in a certain way. we'll explain how that works coming up. >>> we begin with the california wildfires,
, the prime minister of kenya. >>> when barack obama came into office, many in america and around the world hoped he would breathe life into the prospects between a peace deal between israel and the palestinians. obama quickly appointed a man on the issue, former senator george mitchell, who had negotiated the peace accords in the islands. it is considered by some to be the most right wing in memory, as is the new government. the prime minister netanyahu had been fiercely critical of any kind of palestinian state. his former minister had called for what some had characterized as leaders from israel. obama and netanyahu have clashd to expand settlements over the west bank. there has been some forward movement. he did accept the idea of a palestinian state about a month ago. there were some caveats. on the palestinian side, they are becoming somewhat less corrupt and more competent. they seem to have less support, even in gaza, where talks continue to be hellish. isn't the real story not these talks with the palestinians but military action against iran? the former u.n. ambassador john bolton
. the future of your health care is at stake. ali velshi has been traveling on the cnn express across america talking to you about your health coverage and what you want to see in reform. ali, what are they telling you? >> reporter: and i'm here in kansas city, missouri, with the cnn express. i've been hearing a lot from people across the country. we've started in georgia, went through tennessee, kentucky, illinois, missouri, and now into kansas and then into iowa. we're finding out what people are feeling about health care. the debate, as we've seen, has been heated in town hall meetings all over the country. when we stopped in paducah, kentucky, i had a very civilized, very normal conversation with some folks about their fears and hopes for health care reform, christine. have a listen to this. >> reporter: we are hearing different things from people wherever we're going but i haven't found too many people around here who are opposed to reforming health care. >> i'm for the idea but i don't think that congress and the president have done a good job of disseminating information. i'm just hear
for "newsweek" and chris of it, the deputy chief editor of the france press america wire service. john, let's start with you. critics of the review are sort of dismissing it already out of hand saying it is merely a budget drill and something that will define major budget cuts that will come down the pipe. is that fair? because there are hints we will get strategy out of this. aren't we? >> yes. i think the criticism is that it should be a budget drill. strategy review if it's untethered to the resources. i think it's likely to be more interesting than the last couple. because it does seem to be grappling with two separate problems. on two separate time frames. and the big problem out is the way is a european competitor, china that nobody talks about that. if so what do you do? how do you prepare? out there is the biggy. in the mean time there are the future of these mete wars. like iraq, afghanistan. and the future of what we call the global commons like piracy. which requires. >> and -- >> add stuff but my sense is that the two drivers in terms of project and force numbers are the ones i
is to control the spiraling cost of health care in america. and, now, the message is, we have to change the insurance industry. >> president barack obama: this is something that sometimes we have forgotten, in the health care debate. these are ordinary americans, no different from anybody else. they are working hard and meeting responsibilities and are held hostage by health insurance companies that deny them coverage and drop their coverage and charge fees they cannot afford for care they desperately need. it is hurting too many families in business. -- and businesses and it is wrong and we'll fix it when we pass health insurance reform this year. [cheers and applause]. >> jamie: good morning, i'm jamie colby. >> i'm rick folbaum, glad to be with you jamie, welcome to today's edition of america's news headquarters and let's go to mike emmanuel live in phoenix with more and mike, past couple of days, two more health care town halls with the president and any more on the agenda at this point? >> reporter: no, rick, really that was the end of a push, by the president for health care refor
passionate and sometimes even violent, large swaths of white middle class america became very frightened that their normal expectations of law and order were being upended. and richard nixon kind of harvested that rage and he took political advantage of that rage and not only did he harvest it but he also exacerbated it as a political strategy. >> how? >> well, for example, he argued privately, although some of his aids said it publicly, that they wanted to achieve a strategy of positive polarization. in other words, it's good to have a political discourse that divides the country into two powerful their belief that the republicans would harvest the bigger side of the divide. so in other words, even though in much of his public rhetoric he would, you know, speak the words of unity that we expect our presidents to speak all the time, barely beneath the surface he encouraged the idea that one group of americans would believe another group of americans weren't quite american at all. one was the hippies and kids who want to tear down everything all us hard-working americans had built. >> was
a redundancy. americans for prosperity is like saying swimmers for getting wet. america was built for prosperity. this is the thing people don't remember, a lot of people don't think about. some people just flat out deny. america was built for prosperity. people will tell you that american prosperity was an accident of history and geography. we just happened to land on a continent with a lot of natural resources. we just happened to know how to use them. we just happened to build a country, a mightity arsenal that defended democracy around the world almost a century and it was all an accident. that is absolutely not true. we people. and they talked about rights. and i want to get back to this. i will get back to this. one of the things that i find to be a hair-raising experience, fig ratively speaking, of course is the idea and you hear this from the left and hear it sometimes from people on our side of the aisle, will talk about health care as a right. people have a right to health care. it sounds good. people don't want to see people denied health care. but it is a fundamentally
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with the great majority of that funding devoted to iraq and afghanistan. over that period, america's reliance on contractors has grown to unprecedented proportions, to support logistics, security and reconstruction efforts related to those operations. more than 240,000 contract employees, about 80% of them foreign nationals work in iraq and afghanistan at one time to support the department of defense. additional contractor employees support the department of state and the u.s. agency for international development. contractor employees outnumber u.s. military personnel in both theaters. they have a critical mission and according to reports from the military in theater, they are doing an exceptionally good job providing security, transportation, meals, laundry and other services. the questions raised today in no way detract from the overwhelming good opinions of contractors' support for u.s. missions or obscure the fact that nearly 1,400 contract contract employees have died on duty in. the government's concerns about the ability to evaluate the costs of contractor services and provide good ste
with the way things are going in america, 61% say they are not satisfied. just 38% say they are. in a rasmussen pole, the president's job at the lowest level ever. >> from asbury park fug. >> well, it's a pretty stunning- >> the president's numbers have been slipping steadily. he was at 53%, the same share of the vote he got last november until about a month or so ago and his numbers have been sliding. the significant number is not the overall job approval, it's the fact that independents are breaking away from the president. what's happening is a lot of frustration has been accumulated, playing out in health care. voters were opposed to bailouts. they're overwhelmingly opposed to g.m. and takeovers. most opposed the clash for clunkers program and there was just this frustration people were feeling and it's coming out in play in the town halls we're seeing in the form of debating healthcare but it's really a bigger issue. >> what about pennsylvania, a state doing comfortably for barack obama, arlen specter just two weeks ago up by 11, now down by 12. >> two months ago. it was a two-month gap. s
brinkley joins us now to talk about presidents and america's national parks. she the author of the new book, teddy roosevelt, wilderness warrior. doug brinkley, good morning. >> good morning to you, harry. >> why was roosevelt so determined to preserve some of america's great, last great places? >> well, as a kid he had asthma and he grew up in new york city and he found the nature secure -- >> he went to the adirondacks, later his mother and wife grew both died on valentine's day, he took a train ride to the badlands of north dakota and wrote a trilogy of books about the window earns there and decided that scenic wonders is what distinguished united states from europe. >> true, england has westminster abbey but we had yellowstone. >> they has the louvre, we had yellowstone. >> what did you talk about on the trip to west. >> there was a group of historians he had at the white house and i got to talk a little bit about my book on tr, the wilderness warrior and i went to the interior department and got to speak with secretary salazar, who is accompanying the president on to these national par
a microphone? >> i cannot believe that we have the president of the united states of america in grand junction, colorado. [applause] we are so proud of you. >> thank you. >> i am a naturalized citizen, and i am proud to be an american. [applause] as a child, i had polio, and i have had 52 surgeries to correct my bones. between here and the mayo clinic in phoenix arizona, i have been blessed with a good insurance, generally excellent doctors and care. however, my major concern in costs, even with good insurance, and has been high, when i have been gone out of the network. why should our doctors' treatment choice be limited by a geographic area of the state? what kind of competition is this, mr. president? . that is what is going on right now. it is just that the decisions are being made by the insurance companies. now, in fairness, we probably could not construct a system in which you could see any doctor anywhere in the world at any time, regardless of expense. that would be a hard system to set up. if you live in maine, we will fly you into california and put you up. you can see -- and i am n
14 months to get to morning in america. here's reagan at the same point obama is at now. >> we're starting down a road that i believe will lead us out of the economic swamp we've been in. it'll take time for the effective tax rate reductions to be felt in increased savings, and productivity and new jobs. it'll take time for the budget cuts to reduce deficits. the thing to do is to hold to a firm steady course. >> here's what is left over from george bush. first the bailouts last fall. the housing bubble. the spending on iraq. but critics say obama's problems are partly his own making. first, a lack of a stiff punch. and now his health care plan that some say could be too big. wike, we're heavily invested in this president, almost a billion dollar in stimulus spending. lots of action already. can he just blame it on the last guy. >> he's beginning to own. that's why we're seeing changes in his upon later -- pap later but the questions people are asking are these changes cyclical or permanent. i think they're permanent. barack obama has to deal with the fact that the economy is c
at the belief in middle america that they are experiencing the blunt of this recession. the politicians had that huge stimulous pigout. that is one thing. secondly, healthcare, they believe this reform is going to take away benefits they have. i tell you, as exhilarated by these democrats, calling them un-american, harry reid calling them evil mongers, other people calling them mobs and thugs. the backlash against the democratic party here is astonishing. middle american by 2 to 1, they agree with the protesters and not with the democratic party. >> eleanor. >> first of all, cindy said to shout down over people views is un-american. they didn't call the shouters un-american. i think the president has lost momentum here. people who have insurance are worried that they are going to lose something in this very extensive package. and the president really doesn't have a single bill that he can point to. he doesn't have a clear message and all of the bills floating around on political provide lots of inviting targets for people who want to kill healthcare and want to kill the obama presidency a
" starts right now. >>> well, august is make-or-break month for health care in america. town halls are causing public uproar, confusion running rampant. our chief business correspondent ali velshi touring the country on -- what else? the cnn express. joining us now from the missouri state fair. talk about getting the pulse of america, ali, what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah. this is a fantastic place to do that. we've been driving from atlanta to des moines, and we passed through georgia, kentucky, tennessee, illinois, missouri heading into kansas and iowa, and we're talking to people usually in places smaller than would normally get media coverage about health care. in the beginning of the week as the debate was really heating up on tv with the town hall meetings we were trying to get a quieter discussion going. there was plenty of disagreement where we went. we ended up in one interesting place in paducah, kentucky, northwestern kentucky just on the illinois border, and had a bit of a town hall meeting. one of the women was formerly a congressional candidate. she was a democ
you can save money, because of it. the "wall street journal report" starts right now. this is america's number one financial news program, the "wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >> hello, i'm bill griffeth, and maria will be along in a few minutes. >> here is a look at what is making news as we head into a new week on wall street. as anticipated, the federal reserve's open market committee kept a key interest rate at or near zero percent. the fed statement though which provides important insights into how the members of the ofmc are thinking is slightly more optimistic than it had been. and the open committee says that the economy appears to have a bottom and economic activity is leveling out. that helped to push the markets higher wednesday and the dow was up 100 points after two days' declines and the dow rose again thursday, but fell on friday. retail sales numbers released by the government were disappointing and the commerce department said they edged down by .1% in july. most analysts had been anticipating a slight increase. an astonishing number from general mo
obama came into office, many in america and around the world hoped he would breathe life into the prospects for a peace deal between israel and the palestinians. obama fed that hope by quickly appointed a man on the issue, appointed a man on the issue, a man of integrity, former senator george mitchell, who had negotiated the peace accords in ireland. it is considered by some to be the most right wing in memory, as is the new government. the prime minister netanyahu had been fiercely critical of any kind of palestinian state. his foreign minister had previously called for what some had characterized as leaders from israel. obama and netanyahu have clashed to expand settlements over the west bank. there has been some forward movement. prime minister netanyahu did accept the idea of a palestinian state about a month ago. there were some caveats. on the palestinian side, some positive news. the palestinian authority is becoming somewhat less corrupt and more competent. hamas seems to be losing some support, even in gaza, where living conditions continue to be hellish. will t
for an entire year. if we had eliminated the income tax and told every business and every worker in america that you do not have to pay income tax anymore, it could you imagine what kind of rocket fuel that would be for our economy? instead, we're putting solar panels on libraries and things like that that are not want to work. it is amazing because i always say that this is a sad thing to say. one trillion is the new billion. when i first came to washington in the 1980's, we talked about a budget in the millions of dollars. the we have moved from the millions of dollars to the billions of dollars. i think that one of the problems we face is that the numbers are so big that people cannot relate to that. here is something you can do to relate this to your friends and kids. the other day, my friend was asking me how much one trillion dollars was. can anybody tell me about how many zeros there are in a trillion? 12. here's what i told my son. i asked who the best basketball player in the world was and he said bryan james -- hughes said lebron james. i told him that james made $40 million a yea
owner. she's against the president's plan to reform america's health care system. thank you so much for joining us. listen, i want to talk to, let's start with debbie real quick. debbie, what is your position in regards to the president's health care forum and the plans today? did you see anything about it that you liked in all of this? >> no, i did not. as a libertarian, first of all and foremost, i'm opposed to the government intervention in it to begin with. one of the things that i find particularly offensive about this is i don't have insurance, and i don't want insurance. there's no provision for me or people like me in this plan. >> you don't want health care insurance? >> mandatory insurance plan. >> you don't want health care insurance at all? >> no. i would like to have some insurance if it were affordable. in my opinion, it's insurance that has caused the problems in health care to begin with, and when we have a mandatory insurance program, this is basically a corporate welfare subsidy for insurance companies. >> yeah, you know, i hear you, debbie. i'm not exactly sure if
strong majority in america that says no. sean: we have spent a lot of time talking about what is now commonly known as the death panels, these end-of-life counselors, the house will would mandate that when they're older in life, this would be mandatory and maybe more often. the senate just confirmed that they are dropping it from the bill. they had been denying it existed and now they're saying we're going to drop it. is that a victory for the people showing up at town halls? >> yes. they were trying to say these are nuts and sarah palin isn't very smart. sean: put a victory in sarp's column. >> i -- sarah palin's column. >> i found an op ed, which was a soup esh and said this is a real problem give financial incentives to doctors where we relied upon them working out with layer lawyer and now we are going to have a doctor going to make complicated decisions. and going to give them money to do it and then have them provide key questions and available resources. and the government defines both. is the government going to say, the catholic church is an available resource when it comes
wife inside america's new rootless professional class i objected to that, to the publisher's decision to call this glass new. it goes back to the origins of world trade to the east india company and hudson bay company. there is nothing particularly new to be a fruitless soldier and diplomat or preacher or businessman or woman for decades ibm employees have said the initial stand for i have been moved. what is new, the relos themselves, the breadwinners -- i will start -- what is new is growth in numbers of corporate relos, a figure i estimate to be about 10 million people, that is the breadwinners themselves and their families and how that has grown with the growth of the american economy. american foreign trade to cite a statistical the goods and services we buy and sell abroad has leaped from about $400 million in 1970 to over 3 trillion now as companies american and foreign compete. they need people to carry their banner and build business far from home. you've not heard the word reloville because i made it up. it is about workers and families frequently relocating, they are see re
percent true actually. sadly we haven't been as popular in america in recent years, but in the 1960s if you wanted a sports car, a morgan was very good choice. it was quicker than an mg and it won rafgs. sadly after that the safety regulations and all of that came in and morgan being a small company, making 700 cars a year making it safer and safer. it's only now we're coming back into america with a car that is lightweight but completely safe and is quite economical. >> reporter: and we're looking at other morgans, absolute beauty advertises. we want to talk about the economy. europe has been impacted not just the united states and it's those mission statements. you weren't getting bailouts from the government. we saw a lot of that here in america. what are your thoughts on that? >> it's a huge honor for perhaps to be the last british manufacturer and we have achieved that. we haven't overinvested in boon times and claw back. we've seen in at least three depressions and two world wars. we constantly updated our technology and bmw engines and the latest ford engines and combine this
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fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. >> julie: from america's news headquarters i am julie banderas. forty-one women and children are confirmed dead after fire rages through a packed wedding tent near kuwait city. another 76 people are injured, some critically, and the toll could climb higher. many were hurt in a stampede to escape the burning tent. cause of the fire is unknown. the victims were women and children because in accordance with tradition men were attending a separate party. >> two months out of prison glivec michael vick practicing today with the philadelphia eagles. he completed a prison sentence for running a dogfighting ring. the team criticized by animal rights activists for signing the former atlanta quarterback. he agreed to a one-year deal on thursday heard he served 18 months in prison and was reinstated last month by the nfl or it i've julie banderas, back to huckabee only right here on fox. >> mike: when you think activity, what do you think of mark berger, assault, theft, of course. ever thought about crittle activity being prayer? does that sound ab
-american of disagreement. >> while the president will continue his campaign, trying to convince america that health care reform is not about politics. >> in a nutshell, he is trying to steer this debate from a screaming match back to a cold discussion of the facts. >> some maryland residents are prepared for the winter heating season now. we will show you how. and back to school. tonight, the message from e nba star rudy day. not the seasonal flu but or the swine flu, but the dog flu. a new virus is affecting canines, but what is the impact on humans? >> a great day outside today, and we will talk about how long this comfortable weather patt >> from morgan state university to downtown, that is how far they walked for homeless men. the goal was to raise money while promoting a positive change for their lives. money raised from today's march will support baltimore's helping up mission. a positive message and a backpack full of supplies is how ready date is sending kids back to school. he hosted a special back-to- school party. the maryland native encouraged children to get a healthy start back to school.
we'll send you straight to washington where the news continues in america's news headquarters. with shannon bream. have a great day. >> shannon: a change in tactics for the white house eager to get trillion dollar healthcare reform plan passed. president obama has a new fall guy and he is taking the battle over healthcare personal. i'm shannon bream live in the capital for the next two hours. the healthcare reform is taking a new bunch with word that the white house may be ready to accept the plan without a government run public option. fox news is all over the healthcare battle. caroline shively is in washington where the heavy hitters from both sides making their cases on the sunday talk shows. we begin with mike emmanuel travelling with the president in scottsdale, arizona. and has the latest from his remarks and the administration top health officials out there as well. i understand the administration is possibly backing off the idea of including public option as part of the plan. what do we know? >> that is right. kathleen sebelius, the health and human services saying th
to be heard and have a right to be heard, that they're not really representative of america, in my opinion. we have to be careful here not to let those town heatings dominate the scene and influence what we do on health policy. >> it looks like the obama administration may be ready to drop a key component of the proposal. that's a public insurance option. kathleen sebelius said the option is not essential to the proposed plan. >> the president continues to believe that it's good to have consumer choice. let people choose an option in the new marketplace. he continues to be very supportive of some options for consumers. what we don't know is exactly what the senate finance committee is likely to come up with. they've been more focused on a co-op, not for profit co-op as a competitor, as opposed to a straight government-run program. and i think what's important is choice and competition. i'm convinced at the end of the day, the plan will have both of those. >> some republicans who have opposed the current proposal said they'd accept those co-ops secretary sebelius just mentions. meantime, presid
with freedom of speech is asking america to pipe down. check out today where nancy pelosi calls the protesters un-american for daring to speak up. a different context with different protesterings, these disruptions would be seen others brave. but it's not brave because for once the media is not on the protesting side. and steadying the media is mocking it those they would normally hail. but the protesters are ripe for mockery and you know the protesters can only be young and hot. the revolution series devotes one to the black panthers, therm young, black and adorable. and who can forget the wto protest flick, called battle in seattle, which made every protester hot enough to sleep with, which you know is purificationition because most resembled squeaky frohm in her prime. walgreen's, to call them, cranko old bastards waving their canes irrationally apartment a black guy, it's enough to make me want to hurl my fiberconthrough a window. and first, you're wearing a delightful black shut. >> it shows i'm dark and edgy. >> are the people showing up at the townhalls not being serious because they're
to the constitution, and let's think america first. >> reporter: so you say it started with the bailout money. so for you it's not partisan because it was introduced during the bush administration. >> it's not partisan. >> it's not partisan. i did not agree with george bush on it at all. >> that's what capitalism is all about. let's let the market -- let the free market take care of it. if we keep baling out and baling out and baling out, where does it end? it just keeps going on and on. >> okay. they're vent we said pretty civil. people let their minds be knownful no real back and forth. everyone in the crowd was like-minded. they were all on the same page. >> that's key if you don't want to have a contentious debate. but it hasn't gone so easy for many, especially democrats. would it actually sway the health care debate at all? let's look at new poll numbers with cnn deputy director paul steinhauser. >> one question comes to mind off the bat. the average americans aren't going to the town halls. well, are they paying attention. >> take a look at the poll here. almost 7 to 10% of the americans a
, for insurance companies so they don't get to pick and choose who in america gets coverage and who doesn't. making sure the bill doesn't add to our deficit. those are fundamental principals. i hope this element is part of it, it's something that people talk to me all about. as i have said, i have been through it personally with a mother who was very ill at the end of her life and just having that kind of conversation, and consultation, whicwe finally did, but it was weeks into her hospitalization that the conversation took place. it was very helpful, would have been a lot more helpful if it taken place weeks earlier. >> we'll move on. the president, often, last nate in colorado, says to the american people if they like their doctor, they can keep their doctor. if they like their insurance plan, they can keep their insurance plan. but according to the congressional budget office, if a public plan, a public option is introduced, at least 2 million americans will be switched by their employer from a private plan to the public plan. now, that doesn't get into the whole issue of employers dro
. it was an effort to remind americans of the value of news gathering in america and a nod to the first amendment. we did so well there so we decided to take it where the action is. we have a brand new museum called a the museum on pennsylvania avenue. it's a -- it's a 45 word sign out front with the words of the first amendment 'em blazed there. we think it's healthy for them to read that says congress shall make no law. we're attempting to put it in neon. >> it is flashing? >> it's not a tribute to journalists. we had a blogger say i'm not going to set foot in that museum until they do an extra special to copy editors. it is not about you. it is a museum of history but a different kind that reports what happened over the last several centuries through the eyes of journalists. so you get contemporary coverage of the assassination of kennedy and arrival of the beatles and the civil war and fascinating >> exactly. what have the visitors reactions been for the first year? exciting. we see the full range of course. tremendous amount of school groups and a lot of tourists visiting washingt washingto was.
over america, including colorado. [applause] these are projects improving jails -- improving trelliails. >> we saw old faithful. i had not seen it since i was 11 years old. it is sti going strong. tomorrow we will visit the grand canyon. i recently signed into law and public lands bill that designates the grand canyon as a national conservation area here in colorado. these are national treasures, symbols of how much we owe to those who came before us, and the fact that we are borrowing this earth from those who will follow as. i want to thank ken salazar, because he has been leading the way on these vital issues, especially in the west. as we grapple with enormous challenges like health care, the work of generations past reminds us of our duty to generations yet to come. there is no doubt that the recovery plan is doing what we said it would, putting us on the road to recovery. it is not solving all problems. unemployment is still way too high, but we just saw last week that the jobs picture is beginning to turn. we are starting to see signs that business investment is coming back. but
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't fly with middle america. >> we absolutely cannot afford a quick fix on everything he wants to do. i would just assume him pick one major topic, get that taken care of, at least figure out a way to get it paid for. >> i think he's just moving too fast, trying to do everything all at once. where he should take his time. >> great conversation, a fabulous meal. the fourth street special, as long as you can calf out a little extra gym time. >> a break, and then more "sound of sunday." - hi. - blue shirts: hello! i don't know anything about computers and my daughter is going to college, so she needs one. - can you help me? - ( shouting ) - yes, you. - our line of next class laptops are perfect for college, and they start at just $650. are those good? 'cause i don't want to get her something - that she thinks is totally lame. - no, they're awesome. and they come with pre-loaded software so she won't have to do a thing. - great. she's good at that. - ( blue shirts laugh ) laptops designed for college and thousands of people eager to help. best buy. buyer be happy. not long ago, this man had
recognition that the system we have in america is fundamentally broken. we spend more than any country on earth. our health results look like we're a developing nation. so we have to reform the system. and i think what's going on right now is complicated, because we need to put the specific language together. but by and large, i find encouraging that congress is at the table, working, that congress is now traveling out to hear from their constituents. we knew we were in trouble in pennsylvania, john, when the woman who runs the constitutional law center got up to welcome the crowd and she was booed. so, clearly, some of this anger is not directed to health reform. it's people who are, i think, uncertain and afraid about the future and, unfortunately, there's been a lot of misinformation intentionally circulated, trying to scare people. trying to scare seniors and veterans. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. i want to get to some of those specific points and some of what you call misinformation coming up. you were the governor of kansas. democrats were saying, let's wait another month. let's se
in america, 20% of college students are uninsured. that's a pretty big chunk when you take a look at it. there are various reasons for that, but some people are uninsured because your parents' insurance plans only cover you up until a certain age. let me show you a question that we got. i think this is a really good example for a truth squad, because we are taking questions directly from you and then we're investigating them. take a look right here. this came to us from david in portland, maine. he said, i would like to know if under obama's insurance reform plan, if students like me who turn 25 and can't be on their parents' insurance plan anymore while they're full-time students will be covered. especially in this economy, you have more people going back to being full-time students so it is an increasingly important question. here's a fact we can show you about obama's health care plan. his plan would, indeed, help people who are too old for their parents' insurance. this is something that the president is pushing for. so for your specific question, here's our verdict. true. yes, inde
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